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Aughnanure Castle

August 13, 2001
Near Oughterard, County Galway

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Aughnanure Castle : Entry Aughnanure Castle : Tower

Aughnanure is derived from Achadh na n-Iubhar meaning "The Field of Yews". The area was surrounded by yew trees. This structure was built early in the 1500's by the O'Flaherties. It was probably built on the same location as a Norman fort from the 13th century.

The O'Flaherties ruled over the area of Aughnanure along the western shores of Galway from about the 8th century. The Normans invaded and took possession of the land around 1256. It is probable that the first structure was placed here at that time by the first Earl of Ulster. By the end of the 1200's, the O'Flaherty clan recaptured their land. It was a ferocious fight by the clan to regain control. The west gate of the city has the inscription from the fury of the O'Flahertys, good Lord deliver us.

The surrounding areas came under the rule of the Henry VIII about 1537. Aughnanure was captured in 1572 and turned over to Queen Elizabeth. Morogh na d-tuath was placed in control and refitted the castle to make it his prime residence. In 1687, the lands were turned over to Bryan O'Flaherty to administer and later (1719) Bryan borrowed money to purchase the land. The lands were forclosed on and Lord St. George became the owner.

In 1952, the castle was turned over to the Public Works for preservation. Repair was performed on the tower and walls in 1963.

Aughnanure Castle : Along wall