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Brownshill Dolmen

August 8, 2000
County Carlow, Ireland

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Brownshill Dolmen : front side Brownshill Dolmen : side Brownshill Dolmen : side
Brownshill Dolmen : back side

The Brownshill Dolmen (Dolmain Chnoc an Bhrunaigh) is a portal tomb. It is also known by the name Kernanstown. The two stones on either side are the portal stones and the one in the middle is the gate. The dolmen would have been covered with smaller stones to form a cairn-like structure. The capstone on this dolmen weighs about 150 tons and is supported by the portal stones. The dolmen was constructed between 4000 BC and 3000 BC. It has not been excavated so little is known about any buried remains.

Brownshill Dolmen : Entrance