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Swords Castle

August 6, 2001
Swords, County Dublin, Ireland

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Swords Castle : Along the wall Swords Castle : Tower inside courtyard

Swords Castle was built at the very beginning of the the 13th century. History tells that the location was chosen because a holy well associated with St. Colmcille (St. Columba) was located nearby.

It has a large courtyard with a tower in the north end and was constructed for the Archbishop of Dublin. This was the first Norman Archbishop, he came with a constable who also had a gallows constructed. The castle was damaged in 1317 by Bruce's campaign and later abandoned in 1324 for a newer palace. In 1583, Dutch Protestant refugees were given occupancy and they performed some repairs and extensions to make better living conditions.

In the 19th century, the castle was sold when the Church of Ireland was dismantled. The castle currently sits in a lovely park and is undergoing reconstruction.